Friday, August 14, 2009

My three angels! They never fight, or argue. They are always doing kind things for each other. They do what is asked of them, (the first time) and they love me all of the time. ( I think I was dreaming)

Three weeks until school starts!

This blog will count as my journal. I feel like I really need to start writing things down about my family. My kids are getting older and so am I. So I better start doing something before I forget all of the cute, horrible, funny, unspeakable things my children do from this point on.

School starts in a few weeks, and that means I will have two full time kids in school. Tayden will be 10 in a month and going into 4th grade (crazy), and my Tye is 7 and will be going into the 1st grade. Shea will be attending "Wishing Well" preschool 3 days a week. So what should I do with my time? Well it seems like I never have enough time.

I want to catch you up on what the kids have been up to. This summer consisted of "Day Camp", Oregon Coast, and Utah. My kids still want to move back to Utah. Tayden said there is more to do there. Really I can't argue with him on that one. I miss it too, but don't tell him that. Tayden played rugby for the first time, and started football recently. He has really turned into a good boy. Though I can't buy him clothes before I get his approval, he is very picky on the way he looks. He loves skateboarding and being with his family and friends.

Tye, Tye, Tye! What do I say about her. She is so beautiful and a sweetheart. But...(there is a BUT) she has turned into a sassy little thing. She recently got her ears peirced and it aged her about 3 years. She looks way to grown up! She loves to dance and play with friends and is looking forward to eating lunch at school this year. She has really come out of her shell. She has a cute personality and makes friends easily. She is still a good sister to Tayden and Shea, and very forgiving even when they team up on her.

Shea! Wow! My baby is 4. I recently sold my jogging stroller, and I felt a little sad knowing I wouldn't be pushing around a baby anymore. Shea loves her friends. She is way into singing. No matter where she is at she is singing (car, potty, bath, bed) Today, she put some music on and dressed up in her dance clothes and put a great concert on for me.

My husband is so incredible. He loves me and shows me everyday how much he cares. A simple kiss goodbye, or a hug, or even helping me with the kids, he tries all of the time. Tanner is working for Wubben Brothers still. He likes it but would really like to start his own thing.

LOVE MY FAMILY! I am so blessed!