Thursday, September 3, 2009


The cutest girls you ever did see!

Tayden's team name is "THUNDER"

Shea supported her siblings on their first day of school.

What can I say...because this says it all!

I hope they have a great year!

My husband brought to my attention that my son is in two contact sports (wrestling and football). Though he rocks at them both, there is a good possibility that the ER is just around the corner.

Tye has decided to put the phrase "no offense" after everything she says. I mean she had to ask me what the meaning of it was.

Shea's new word is STUPENDOUS! So this is what she says...

"Tayden you are soooo STUPE....."

....(her eyes look around to see if I can hear her), if I can she says Stupendous, if I can't she will just call him stupid. Smart girl.

So my time of recieving free hugs from my kids is coming to an end fast. They are getting more cheeky everyday.

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