Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Regrets

Recently I attended the funeral of my good friend Tracee'. Though it was very hard to fill the whole she left in all of our hearts, I had a wake-up call. It showed me how short life is, and how important it is to express your love to those closest to you. It is so important to enjoy your time here on earth. Kids grow fast, people grow older, friendships are lost, and new friendships are born. But what matters most is that you never leave this world without making your mark on it.

After the funeral we all got together for dinner. We really
missed Tracee'.
I hope that when it is my time to return to my Heavenly Father that I will not have any regrets with the life I had lived. Love to all those that have made a positive impact in my life.


  1. So true! Thanks for this. It's always good to get a reminder to focus in on the important things in life. I'm so sorry about your friend....

  2. I'm so glad I had the chance to talk to you last week. Thank you for sharing with me a little bit of what made Tracee special to you.

    Love you Camie!


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