Sunday, October 11, 2009

This Baby Is 33!

So my birthday is today and I have to say that 30 is actually looking better and better to me. Wow, I can't believe that I am already 33. I am so blessed to have a loving husband that has made it a point to spoil me this year. He decided that I wanted a motorcycle helmet so we could ride together (all his idea). Well that probably won't happen until it gets warmer, and if my mom had her way it will never happen. I think she doesn't want to end up with my kids if Tanner and I are killed while on the motorcycle. Just kidding! (mom I love you) So anyway my husband took me out for dinner last night, and after we actually went shopping. What he realized was that he has been giving me presents long before my birthday. I have purchased shoes, clothes, rings, house decor, all in his honor. Giving the excuse that it was all for my birthday. I love that guy! He should appreciate that he really doesn't have to take the time to buy me anything, I do it all for him. Today he made dinner for me, (Navajo Tacos, YUM) he is a fabulous cook. Maybe I should let him do all of the cooking. Anyway, I am totally in love with my husband, he is my best friend and I am looking forward to many more birthdays with him.


  1. I was going to track you down after Sacrament meeting yesterday and wish a big fat Happy Birthday, but I couldn't find ya.

    I hope you had a great day. Navajo tacos are so good, and they taste even better when you don't have to cook them ;)

    So did you get the helmet with the fringe on top? ;)

  2. Happy birthday! You are such a wonderful friend and you deserve all the spoiling that Tanner is giving you.

    Love you!


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