Sunday, January 17, 2010

Black Is Beautiful!

I still need to add "legs" on the bottom so it will look like a piece of furniture. But until then here is the almost finished project.


  1. Ta-da! I love it. I am trying to convince my dear hubby that black is the way to go with our bathroom vanity.

    he's not buying it...

  2. It turned out awesome! Now I want to paint mine black :)

  3. I was blog-hopping and had to comment...You are a serious Crafting Maven! I love your style... I love what you did to the bathroom vanity... I love the wainscotting!

  4. Love it Camie! You are a decorating diva for sure!

  5. The back is striking.
    I would never have thought to do it.

    I get really stuck between cream, and black right now in my little table refinishing projects.


    barbara jean

  6. Cam, you should have Tanner make you a frame to go around the mirror now, I know you 2 could figure out how to do it somehow :)


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