Saturday, January 30, 2010

Suggestion from Mom!

My mom is the best.   She is so fun to be around and has the energy of a 21-year-old.   She makes you feel like you can do anything.   I am so blessed to have a wonderful example of womanhood in my life.  She definetly will tell you "how it is" too.

My mom called me today to give me a "suggestion" ( I love that about her).  She was looking at my blog and noticed that the curtains in my kitchen needed to be changed.  She said "they just look out-of-date".  She suggested putting up burlap curtains.  So what mama "suggests", mama gets!  That was a good idea.  I love that she can tell me things that others wouldn't.  But first I have to finish my cabinets.


P.S. How many agree with my mom? Or how many have thought the same thing?  How embarrassing!


  1. um.... they seem to go with the rest of your decor, lol! I love mom, she'll tell ya how it is even when you're not asking, lol! I love her to pieces though! :)

  2. Another reason to love your mom...she's so great! It's easy to see where you get your creativity from...can't wait to see the new curtains!

  3. Unfortunately, I'm too interior-design impaired to say anything here. But I'm sure your mom is smart! Good luck!


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