Sunday, February 14, 2010

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.  I went to Utah on the 4th for a week with my kids.  My husband had to stay home because of work. Anyway 1 hour after I left  I recieved a call from my husband.  He was wondering if I put Miracle Whip or Mayo on his sandwich.  Right then I knew I would be missed.  
My husband was so excited to see us on Thursday. He cleaned the house and purchased flowers, my favorite chocolate and a card for me.  We started home and about an hour into the drive the weather forced us to turn back.   I called my husband to tell him we wouldn't be coming home that day.  His voice was very sad as he said "well I guess it's better to be safe than sorry".   Finally, two days later we came home.  My husband is incredible. He loves me for me and puts his family first.  So Happy Valentine's Day Tanner and to my three wonderful children.  My heart grows fonder everyday, some more than others! Hahaha

P.S.  He had to buy the card he said. It must of spoke to him or something.


All of the grandkids
We had a blast in Utah though.  We were able to spend time with Xavier and  the rest of the family.  We really enjoyed our time there.  The only part that is hard is seeing my son so sad to leave.  He is still wanting to move back.  He has made some good friends there. 
(I "borrowed" some pictures from my sister's blog.  I forgot to bring my camera)


  1. LOVE the card. LOL. Glad you made it home safely!

    I love that he didn't know what you put on his sandwich! Totally something my Dad would do (and has done). LOL

  2. Tanner's card cracks me up! So glad you're back!


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