Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mad Makeover Continues...

Here are a couple of pictures of the cabinets.  We I'm only a third of the way done (the glass is half-full though).  I want the maddness to be over.  Maybe by taking the kids on a little trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house will give us all a much needed break.

The shelves are my favorite part.  It was just waisted space and so my husband cut into the cabinet wall.  Now I have a space for my phone book. ( thanks honey!)


  1. That looks so good.

    I like the use of the negative space on the seating side of the bar.

    great idea!

  2. oh you i just noticed... your cutout isn't near the bar at all... after looking at previous posts... either way...great use of space...so much for my 2 cents worth... LOL !

  3. Cami, this looks so great. I can't wait to help you when you get back! We will finish it real fast....remember...I have a strong back!

  4. What a blessing to have a handy man (not to be confused with handyman)!

    Just wanted to say thanks for your kind comment about my kitchen reno on Better After!


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