Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just a little bathroom facelift

 We added beadboard to our guest/kids bathroom.  We wanted something that would be durable and pretty to look at too!  I added the numbers later.  I thought that maybe the hooks would encourage my kids to hang their towels up.  Nothing has inspired them yet. 
 We also put some peel and stick tile down.   We really like it and the cool thing is that you don't need a lot of extra tools. 
 Just a close-up....(where my children still don't hang their towels)!

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  1. Lol!! Well, even if the kids don't hang their towels there, at least you have a VERY CUTE bathroom!! If you figure out some motivation that works, make sure and let us know!

    Thanks for linking Camie!
    It's a pleasure to have you on Creative Cats!


  2. So was the peel and stick tile easy to do? I'm considering doing it in ours' too. Any tips would be appreciated! :)

  3. We both must have great taste as I purchased the very same towel holders!


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