Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Husband... the "Stripper"

My original plan was to paint my cabinets a "Barn Owl White" and then distress them.  But when I attempted the distressing, it didn't look the way I wanted it to.  So we  I repainted over the the white with the black paint.  This looked bad because I didn't take the white paint off first.  I was telling my husband that I was really starting to stress-out about the cabinets and I didn't know what I should do.  That is when he sweetly offered to strip for me strip the paint for me (if I took Tayden to wrestling practice).  I instantly felt a weight being lifted.

The "stripping" first began in the garage, and then after he almost passed out he decided to take the stripping out-side.  Now we have one more cabinet left to paint and the hardware to put on.  I really like the color, it has grown on me.  It also helped to get reassurance from my friends Karen and Lindsay (unless they are big liars) that they really liked them.

After all of this I wanted to repaint my kitchen.  Yes, I was given a reality check by my sweet, beautiful, loving friend . She basically said that I was Crazy (not her words exactly but maybe).  She suggested keeping it the way it is.  WHAT A RELIEF!  I didn't want to do it that bad anyway (really).  I love having friends that "keep it real".   But I am still thinking of repainting my kitchen table. I found a table on PB that I LOVE!

Potter Barn Insparation
This should be easy, right?

Well maybe after I paint my table (in a few weeks or months or years) I will have it out of my system!  UMMMM....YEAH RIGHT! I am a confessed "coloraholic".  I love that I can have instant change.  But I will admit that you can change the feeling of your home just by relocating or repurposing what you already have.  
Pottery Barn Basket

Yes I want to paint this basket too!  So I will end this post.  Maybe, just maybe, I will post my cabinets this week.  But until my husband starts "stripping" again, I can't do anything!


  1. Luv the title of your post, ha ha! I'd have to say I was a little disappointed that I couldn't see the final product yet, I know it's coming soon, right??? And go Tanner! Maybe you'll inspire my hubby on helping paint and "strip" THE CUPBOARDS (-;

  2. You're a maniac! But in the best way possible!! I wish I had half of your energy and drive to do this...maybe my house would look better ;) I LOVE the black and cannot wait to come see it!


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