Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Quick Fix

I know what some may be saying right now.  But really... I am almost done painting ,repainting and repainting again.  Can you believe it has almost been a month since I started the cabinets.   My husband said we could go and check out some granite slabs, but we will see.   I needed a  quick fix in the mean time and so I changed my curtains.  This is for my mom who kindly told me that I needed new curtains. So burlap curtains it is. I still need to do a few more things to them, but I was so excited I had to put them up. Does anyone know how to make burlap smell better? My kitchen smells like "Les Schwab". I love the look of them though. I need to get 3 more yards to make my other panel.  I also need to add something so they aren't see-through. Raising the rod made a huge difference in the room. It is interesting how a simple window treatment can make me smile.


The Better

What I should really be doing!


  1. You are amazing. I love every single ting you do.

  2. Looks awesome Cami!! You are such a Rock Star.

  3. It does look really great!! I wonder if you could line the burlap with something and still keep that same feel? I am excited about the facelift. It looks amazing.


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