Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rollers in my hair!

What a great weekend we had.    My Friday really was inspired by what happened on my Wednesday.  That was the day that my son quickly handed me two notes from his teacher that I needed to sign.  They both stated that he was having some problems keeping quiet during class.  This isn't the first time that I have heard this.  So I had to do something "new" that would inspire him not to talk and be disruptive during class.   I decided to embarrass him.  I put my big rollers in my hair and headed to his 4th grade class to sit by him during the first hour.  Wow!  He was shocked.  At first I was being the distraction, all of the kids were laughing as I walked into class.  But soon everyone settled down.  My son would not look at me, talk to me or let me help him in anyway.  He did ask when I was leaving though.  I said I would stay for a little while this time.  I said if it happens again that I would wear my p.j.'s on top of wearing my rollers and I would spend THE WHOLE DAY with him!  He was so angry with me.  When I did finally leave I told him that I loved him and to have a good day.  He just shrugged his shoulders.   I secretly hope I won't be coming back again in my rollers.  It was very embarrassing for me too.  But that is just how much I love my kids.

On Saturday my girls were sick and so I stayed home with them.  Tayden and Tanner went to Tayden's wrestling meet.  Tay did really well, he placed 3rd.  His Saturday was better then his Friday I think.

Aren't kids incredible!  I adore mine, even though it's hard to be a mom sometimes.  I am already starting to miss them, they grow so fast and will be gone too soon.  Yeah, I am saying this today because my house is quiet, but tomorrow who knows what I will be saying...under my breath of course! 


  1. Camie, you rock! That is so awesome you went in curlers. What a good mom. i'm sure the message hit home.

    Love you!

  2. I think you're so awesome for doing that! I'm sure he learned his lesson.

  3. I am going to remember this one! You are brilliant!!

  4. You amaze me! What a great idea! You are such a good mom. I love how you were so creative in getting your point across instead of just lecturing like I would have done. I will file this one away.

  5. WOW...that is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I LOVE that idea! YOU totally ROCK! I'm glad you found my blog from Houzz that's such a fun place! I think I'm going to stick around here awhile!


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