Thursday, April 22, 2010

What Will They Say About You?

Source of strength influence for good...a man among men...loved and respected by of the finest men they know..completely honest and fair and equitable in all of his dealings...had great patience and understanding....never put himself first...always managed to meet the most exacting standards of the family man...completely devoted to his wife, children and grandchildren...lived to see his family achieve much happiness that comes from righteous living.

This is what was said about my Grandpa Wilson.
What will people remember about you?
How will you influence their lives for good?

These are the questions that entered my mind last week.

Early in his marriage...before the honey moon grandpa was drafted into the war. He served in the Army Air Corp as a B-17 Bomber Pilot in WWII. 

Not long after my grandma received this telegram...but despite those around her fearing that my grandpa was killed...she knew and had faith that he was still alive.
She then received the telegram above. He was shot down over Germany and held as a POW for a year. Can you imagine what she was going through.  Not knowing how he was being treated or when she would see him again? Upon returning from the war he was fattened up to 85lbs. and finally met his infant son for the first time.

So as I learn more about this man...whom I proudly call "grandpa"...I understand how important it is to live a life of service and love.  That though we may go through things that seem comes down to how we handle ourselves and others.  I don't know if my grandpa understood how he had influenced those around him while he was here. But I am sure he understands now. 

 My last memory of him is giving him a big hug and kiss and telling him that I loved him before returning home to Washington.  I am so grateful that I expressed that to him.

January 14, 1923-April  12, 2010


  1. Men of honour. Mmmm - not as plentiful as they were then. And women of honour too. What these women went through! And how little they complained - how different to our generation. I admit that with shame. Anyway, just popped over to your blog, and enjoying it loads. Hope I'll see you soon,
    Love, Anne (in Scotland) x

  2. Seems like you felt the same way about your grandfather as I did about mine. I'm lucky to have married a man that has the same qualities! I'm sure your grandfather is dearly missed, sorry for your loss!


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