Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Future is Bright!

This was our last Sunday morning in our home.  I am ready to move out and move on.  Our home is so bare right now.  We took our trampoline down yesterday and our bedroom has become the family closet.  This move has been a lot easier then the last move.  Maybe because we needed a change.  In church today they talked a lot about change and how it is the one constant in our life.  Change is necessary for us to grow and become better. 

Us and our "Babes" when we first moved in.

Us and our "Big Kids" 4 years later


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey, Hey Goodbye!

I am so excited that we sold our home.  It was on the market for two days and we had a buyer!  So now that the closing is around the corner I have been looking around with a different perspective.  We really have enjoyed living here.  I think about all of the work we will get to do in our new home too.  I will probably recreate a lot of this home into our new home.  So goodbye Chehalis Lane...we had a lot of laughter...a few tears...and many memories.