Sunday, December 19, 2010

...the season of giving.

I have the most wonderful women in my life from my own mother to my grandmother to my mother-in-law.  This post is dedicated to them.  My own mother rocks in the kitchen...her cooking is a physical taste of home for me. mom

I inherited two ideas from the other women in my life.   The Christmas bread idea is from my mother-in-law.  She is so talented and when I tasted this bread I knew I had picked the right man to marry. :)  Though the bread was not my idea,  I can take the credit for the burlap and twine it's wrapped in...but I can't take the credit for the cute Christmas tags I found here. 

Well it is the season of giving ideas right? mother-in-law

Now a special contribution to my wonderful grandmother.  She passed away a couple of weeks ago...and though she had dementia...I knew how much she loved me.  I will treasure my last moment with her holding her hand tightly as she fell asleep.  She had the softest hands and the softest heart.  I bet the reunion on the other side was very sweet.
My grandmother  had a "top secret" fudge recipe....that I actually acquired recently.  I have made this three times and it really has only turned out once.  But I think I have the have use a gas stove, and you have to speak out loud to my grandmother while stirring it...(there is a lot of stirring). grandmother

*Merry Christmas*