Sunday, January 2, 2011

Felize Navidad to ME!

I have had the
biggest crush on
these caged pendant lights.

I found them at Barn Light Electric
Soon the pressure
was too much



I caved 
 and bought them.

 I love the simpleness of them.

 Seriously the best lighting choice for my kitchen.
I just need to find some
cool Edison bulbs for them.

My sweet,
rock star,
husband installed them while
I was out-of-town.

He must have missed me because
he finished a few projects when I
was away.  

But those are for a later post. 


  1. they were meant to be yours! i love them.

  2. it's no secret... he does love you! I love those lights, I need to stop by.

  3. so perfect for you! I need to see your face. I miss you!

  4. I too love birdcage lights!

    One of my books advises that if you get tired of the direct light, to line the sides of the cages with parchment paper, or a decorative, heat-resistant paper.


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