Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christmas Light Chandelier

I was asked to decorate for a Valentine dance my church was having.  I was a little bit freaked out...because it was in this huge gym and I needed to make the room feel...well...not so huge.  So I called my sister (i call her for all decorating emergencies) and she gave me this great idea.  She suggested making a chandelier...WHAT!?!  How do you do that?  So with ideas from my sister and Hobby Lobby...I came up with this. 

1 white sheet (purchased at goodwill) torn into strips
2 wire wreath frames (Hobby Lobby)
White toile (Hobby Lobby)
White icicle lights (Clearance item)

I placed the lights in the groove of the frame and wrapped the white sheet around the strand.  I did this until both frames were filled.  I then hooked the two frames together with the toile.  It really looked great when the lights were on.  I made a similar and much larger chandelier  for the center of the gym.  And no I didn't get pictures...I know I know...it was a crazy weekend.  But I did take pictures of it hanging from my chandelier...at least it's a picture :)!

Yeah and I took a picture of it in broad day-light...not so smart...well you get the idea.