Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wood Lockers

Yes, yes, yes....this is not only the pantry but the "mud room" (if you can call it that).    I really had high hopes that my kids would place their shoes nicely in that basket, and hang their coats on the rack.  You can't even see the basket anymore. 

 This space is so narrow that taking a picture of it was very challenging.

We printed the plans off of Ana White....(who doesn't love her?)
 My husband put this bad boy together in a couple of hours...and then I took over painting it.

This is what our mud room looks like now...this has seriously changed my life!  My kids now stuff everything into their own locker space. 
It was painted in Barn Owl White by Valspar and covered with a faux Tobacco glaze by Ralph Lauren

 I am now on the hunt for some wire baskets for the bottom shelf and some hooks for each locker.

 This is my space...I just need a place to hang my bag and my husbands jacket.

I would recommend building lockers to anyone...the only down-fall is that mine are tucked away where I can't show them off...oh well!

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  1. It looks fantastic, Camie!!

  2. Love it! I want it in my house!! I've been wanting one so bad. Do you rent out your husband or his handywork?


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