Monday, May 30, 2011

A Recycled Glass Lamp

Back in February I found these tall glass candle holders that I just loved...well I put them on my mantle.  The story doesn't end there.  My mantle was not secured to the wall  and my 6-year-old hung on it...and yep you guessed, they fell to the ground and broke.

 I wasn't mad because it was an accident and it was my fault for putting them there.  After cleaning up the mess I put them into the trash.   I went to bed, and laid there thinking what beautiful lamps the glass would make.  I jumped out of bed and "dumpster dived" in my own trash can. 

About three weeks ago my husband picked me up a drill-bit so I could make a hole in the top and today I purchased a lamp kit from Lowe's.  This it what the first lamp looks like today. 

In a few weeks (or months) when I finish the next lamp, I will have to find some cute shades for them. 

Happy Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cobble Stone Path

Well spring has arrived at our new home and that means time to pay attention to the yard.  I came across these concrete forms at Lowe's and thought they would look great in front of our gate.  When my husband took the project and ran with it...well...I couldn't stop him right?

Step #1: We decided where to place the concrete and then removed the grass.

Step #2:  We then placed the form to plan out the design and where the concrete should be placed.

Step #3: Mix a bag of concrete with water.

Step #4: We added some dark color to match our existing rocks.  One bottle is enough for two bags of concrete.

Step #5:  Place the concrete inside the frame and make sure there aren't any air pockets. 

Step #6:  Smooth it and put extra concrete back into the bucket.

Step #7:  After lifting the frame, round the stones so it resembles a natural looking rock.

And there you have it...beautiful cobble stone!  (i did help a little bit)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being a Mother..

The three things I love about being a mom....

#1 Tayden born 9-21-99, 5lbs 11oz.  He was my first born, and it's a miracle he survived my immature mothering skills.  This last week he "aced" his math test. He's not afraid to still give his mom a hug and kiss every night.

#2  Tye born 7-14-02, 7lbs 4oz. She was my first born daughter.  When I found out I was having a girl I was so scared that she wouldn't like me...I know crazy.  She made my mother's day by telling me I was "prettier than the sun" and by getting 100% on her spelling test.

#3 Shea born 2-18-05, 6lbs 2oz.  She is the baby...but you wouldn't know it.  She is very responsible and carries a smile with her wherever she goes.  She makes my Mother's Day by always serving her older brother and sister.  

 I printed this cute card from here.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chalk one up for me!

I am such a follower...I jumped on the "chalkboard" wagon.  I love the idea of having something in your home to write down daily events or write something inspiring for your family to read.

I found this beauty at our local Goodwill and thought it was the perfect size to turn it into


I did feel a little bad covering someones hard work...but I soon got over it.

I purchased the mantle off of Craigslist.

It use to look like


Yes I paint EVERYTHING! 

So there is my version....Happy Spring!

                                           Everyone is feeling the "chalk" love.