Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being a Mother..

The three things I love about being a mom....

#1 Tayden born 9-21-99, 5lbs 11oz.  He was my first born, and it's a miracle he survived my immature mothering skills.  This last week he "aced" his math test. He's not afraid to still give his mom a hug and kiss every night.

#2  Tye born 7-14-02, 7lbs 4oz. She was my first born daughter.  When I found out I was having a girl I was so scared that she wouldn't like me...I know crazy.  She made my mother's day by telling me I was "prettier than the sun" and by getting 100% on her spelling test.

#3 Shea born 2-18-05, 6lbs 2oz.  She is the baby...but you wouldn't know it.  She is very responsible and carries a smile with her wherever she goes.  She makes my Mother's Day by always serving her older brother and sister.  

 I printed this cute card from here.



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