Monday, May 30, 2011

A Recycled Glass Lamp

Back in February I found these tall glass candle holders that I just loved...well I put them on my mantle.  The story doesn't end there.  My mantle was not secured to the wall  and my 6-year-old hung on it...and yep you guessed, they fell to the ground and broke.

 I wasn't mad because it was an accident and it was my fault for putting them there.  After cleaning up the mess I put them into the trash.   I went to bed, and laid there thinking what beautiful lamps the glass would make.  I jumped out of bed and "dumpster dived" in my own trash can. 

About three weeks ago my husband picked me up a drill-bit so I could make a hole in the top and today I purchased a lamp kit from Lowe's.  This it what the first lamp looks like today. 

In a few weeks (or months) when I finish the next lamp, I will have to find some cute shades for them. 

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. These are fantastic! I was searching for a skinny lamp like these a few months back. I even thought about making them out of posts or something but thought it was too hard. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

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