Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY Landscaping Curb

As you know we have been trying to get our yard in for a while and do it under budget.  We decided to put in our own concrete curbing, and the result was great! So here is the step-by-step of one section of curbing we did.

First, you prep the area and set the forms.  We used bender board and 1x4's for the forms, wood stakes (very cheap) come in a bundle.  Place the stakes two feet apart unless when placing them where the bender board is, these areas need more support due to the flexibility.

Next mix your concrete and place in-side the forms.

Next, using a trowel, shape the concrete to expose only the cream. This will make the surface smooth.
You can remove the forms when the concrete is somewhat firm.

Next you may want to put in expansion joints. This is where the concrete will most likely crack when it does expand. Space these points out 4-5 feet using a small trowel, cutting only half way through.

Use an edging trowel to shape the expansion joints and edges of the curbing.

This project cost came to $18.00 (just over a dollar a foot).

Saturday, September 1, 2012

DIY Lemonade Stand

This is a short story of a lemonade/candy stand.  My girls wanted to make some extra money so they decided to sell lemonade.  But I thought to myself if they're going to do this then we need to do it right (he he).  Thank goodness I thought about this before my husband returned from work because before he had stepped foot into the house I had him working on the stand.  I know it sounds like I am a slave driver but really I just knew it would only take him an hour or so to build it.  Plus I was helping us utilize all of the extra lumber hanging out in our garage. :)
Using a pencil and jigsaw he went to work.
I used Valspar spray paint and chalk paint to finish it up.
The final product completed in one afternoon.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Teacher Gift 2012

So the end of the school year is already here for us...CRAZY!    We had some great teachers this year. 

Here is our teacher gift.  Yes it may be a little cheesy but hey it works!  Not to add that it was super easy and fast.

Let the summer begin!

Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY Faux Brick Wall

This post has been in the making for about....ummm...two months.  I changed my mind a number of times on what I wanted the end result to be. 

We started with these faux brick panels that we purchased from Lowe's.  My husband cut them and fastened them to the wall.  This is where I thought (to myself of course), I really don't like the look.  My husband said I couldn't take them down.   So marriage is all about compromise and  that's what we did.  He would take 3/4 of it off and add a "rustic" looking board & batten on the lower half.  But first I painted and sanded... and painted again...and sanded...again!  I had some killer blisters on my hands after.

Half-way there!

Finally finished!

This is what compromise looks like in our house. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Placemat Pillows

I feel like I'm coming out of hibernation!  I haven't really made, decorated or painted anything for awhile.  But today the sun was shining and I had the itch to get out.   So the first and only stop today was good old Target.  I've had my eye on some bedding there and finally it came on sale, YAY!
 If you know me, you know I really don't buy anything that isn't on sale (except for my really cool Nike running shoes)!   Anyway I picked up the bedding and was looking around for some pillows and really didn't find anything I liked.

Then I came across some placemats, they had the gray color I was looking for and the pattern was so pretty.  It gives the look of a stenciled pillow.

I had some cotton from an old pillow hanging around which was perfect to stuff it with.

I forgot to post about the chandelier I found at put me back a whole $12.00!

Next in line for the master bedroom will be a DIY headboard!  So excited!

Friday, February 3, 2012


I am seriously not a crafty chick, though I wish I were. You could even call me lazy when it comes to crafts.  This is the first year I only have to come up with two different Valentine treats for my girls classrooms.  My son is in middle school...and that makes me a little sad that we are kind-of on the down hill when it comes to classroom activities.  Anyway last February I bought some little "jumping hearts" on clearance from Walmart.

It says "Valentine you make my heart jump!"(it's a little blurry).

For the other Valentine we used the friendship bracelets that are so popular.  My 3rd grader didn't want it to look "too babyish".  I found this idea on Pinterest of course so there might be a good chance someone else will bring the same thing.

So there you have it, my "lazy mom" Valentine!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Table Too Small

This is my latest find on Craigslist, though I thought it was bigger when I agreed to buy it.  I wanted to change my counter-height table to a more classic round one.  But this little thing only fits 2-3 people comfortably so I may have to sell it or just find a different room to put it in.  The good thing is I really had a craving to paint something and this did satisfy me for a while.

Using my favorite new Annie Sloan chalk paint,  I painted it in about an hour!  Yes I need to add a clear coat on top and maybe antique it a bit, but I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.  You will notice on my wing-back chairs (I have been wanting to redo them for about two years...SLACKER) I painted the legs while I had the paint out.  It totally looks ghetto but it's progress right?  Maybe one day soon I can share the "after" pictures of the chairs.

I just want to thank all who follow my little blog, it means a lot that there are those out there that care to peek into my little obsessive world of anything decor.