Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY Landscaping Curb

As you know we have been trying to get our yard in for a while and do it under budget.  We decided to put in our own concrete curbing, and the result was great! So here is the step-by-step of one section of curbing we did.

First, you prep the area and set the forms.  We used bender board and 1x4's for the forms, wood stakes (very cheap) come in a bundle.  Place the stakes two feet apart unless when placing them where the bender board is, these areas need more support due to the flexibility.

Next mix your concrete and place in-side the forms.

Next, using a trowel, shape the concrete to expose only the cream. This will make the surface smooth.
You can remove the forms when the concrete is somewhat firm.

Next you may want to put in expansion joints. This is where the concrete will most likely crack when it does expand. Space these points out 4-5 feet using a small trowel, cutting only half way through.

Use an edging trowel to shape the expansion joints and edges of the curbing.

This project cost came to $18.00 (just over a dollar a foot).

Saturday, September 1, 2012

DIY Lemonade Stand

This is a short story of a lemonade/candy stand.  My girls wanted to make some extra money so they decided to sell lemonade.  But I thought to myself if they're going to do this then we need to do it right (he he).  Thank goodness I thought about this before my husband returned from work because before he had stepped foot into the house I had him working on the stand.  I know it sounds like I am a slave driver but really I just knew it would only take him an hour or so to build it.  Plus I was helping us utilize all of the extra lumber hanging out in our garage. :)
Using a pencil and jigsaw he went to work.
I used Valspar spray paint and chalk paint to finish it up.
The final product completed in one afternoon.