Monday, October 30, 2017

Painting the exterior of our 70's beauty!

We have now lived in our 1979 fixer for a year.  One of the first things we did was take out the rocky, uneven front lawn, replace the front door and paint the exterior brick and wood had to be done! Every time I pulled into the driveway I only saw "country blue".  It physically made my stomach hurt..and I may have
wanted to cry.  Just kidding...but it was very depressing.  The previous owner actually told us that she had a "nightmare" that we changed her house.  WHAT?!   After we painted we had several neighbors thank us for it...haha!

Before :(

 But before we painted anything we replaced the siding on the exterior top section of the house.  Did you know that  Lowes can do this? They have contractors that will come out to your house give you a bid and can pretty much install any kind of siding.   I decided on a board and batten look.   I also only had the street side replaced...just because it was really expensive to do the whole house.  I was really pleased with the way it turned out.

 Now as you may know there are a billion shades of white.  This seriously was a huge decision because I didn't want it to have any blue or purple under tones.  Wouldn't that be crazy if I went from "country blue" to a purple?  Not to mention the few thousand we spent on the paint and labor.

 So instead of searching Pinterest for hours I decided to ask a builder friend of mine what color he would suggest.  He had recently built a beautiful "modern farmhouse" and had painted it Snowbound White.  Not only was it nice for someone to tell me what to choose but I could actually see how it looked on a house!

I am currently on the hunt for some chunky posts to replace the 70's curvy posts.