Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Shut the Front Door!

So part of the exterior transformation, we had to decide on a new front door.  The original front door was in good shape but sometimes ugly "trumps" everything....right?  I thought about just repainting it for now but the window in it, I feel, screamed 1979.   Plus it had this weird deadbolt on it that was placed half way up from the top of the door.  I think the previous owners were giants!

We added some really cool modern house numbers that
I found here.

The paint color I chose was Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore in a satin finish. Our front door is south facing and gets a beating from the some every summer.  This shade of grade has kept it's gorgeous color all year.   I know Sherwin Williams has a "Chelsea Gray", but it is not the same.  It's more of a blue gray.

BEFORE...you can't see in this picture but that is a lovely maroon color gracing the door. 


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  2. Greetings Camie. Perhaps this was my 3r time travel to your super loving blog and love to admit I feel better enough staying here in your decor world as more as possible. I love your exterior transformation idea and surprised with your age-old windows - lol. The thinking of Front doors was also very wise I think as sometimes bringing a bit changes in our home elements can ensure new look and new happy feeling. I personally prefer white with light blue shape. The Chelsea grey also looks fine but I adore the great color combination of your outer wall and maroon color door. Love it simply.

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  4. Wow! What a fabulous exterior touch you shared, Camie. All those looks so gorgeous with some of color variation. Love it very much. Oh, I can feel how Summer breeze made you happy. I also like your color idea and Front doors transformation. The Windows and doors look really very beautiful. I appreciate your lovely job.

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